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By Class-one Crew.


Website/chat updates:


What have we updated so far added and improved?


*Changed mainsite style and layout including new logo!.
(completly revamped)


*ToS and Privacy policy are added.


*Official Class-one donations channel got opened.
(See donationspage for more info)


*Our chatroom moved from a free domain to a normal one.


*Link to our chat room changed.
( will bring you to the link

you used of to use. (
This as a security measure to make hacking/exploiting

more difficult.


*Open accountingsystem got added to donationspage.
(Not perfect yet flaws will be worked out of it in time )


And more coming yet to come in the future!





7-2-2017 by The Class-One Crew.
First of all welcome to our new restyled and revamped website!


We hope you all will enjoy the improvements and changes we have done
and probably more will happen of in the future.

After being two years on the web started simply as a mainsite with a
forum were people can share and co-create ideas we have grown out to
be a alternative social media plaform with a now even a full featured
audio/video chat to meet the people you are co-creating with in real
time online so we decided it was time for a change.

This platform is for anyone who is over the age of 18 to share create and
make ideas happen besides a few guidelines there are no bounderies
what so ever!

So let your creative juices flow freely!

And we hope you all like our new revamped and restyled site for who was already able
to find us and for you newcomers and enjoy your stay
and use of C1!
--------------------------------------------------United We Stand Together We Grow!---------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------The Class-One Crew------------------------------------------------------------------------