ClassOne Chatrules:

ClassOne Chatrules:

*Minium Age:

Minium age to use this chatroom is 18+ only! 
By doubt staff will ask for proof of age on cam by showing ID/passport names dont have to be visible only date of birth will be enough.
Emailadresses are not required on your chatprofile however this a free choice to fill in or not!
Please do also not post childrens pictures into mainchat and keep underaged childeren if possible so far away out of sight on cam. (Avoids abuse by pervs/pedo's) 
18+ means 18+ no execptions made!
Pedos will always will be banned on the spot when caught.

Full nudity on cam is allowed in mainchat,
This goes for every room on Class-One.
Fapping is not allowed in the Lobby on cam if you get caught doing so in the Lobby you will be banned. 
However PM's (private messages) are none of our business
So what goes there stays there.
However the Funzone is the room where everything goes besides gore so have fun!

*No harrassment/cyberbullying of any kind will be tolerated.
And will be punished after 3 warnings to stop it with a mute if continued 3 mutes leads to a kick who last for 60 minutes. 3 kicks will lead to a ban 
who's duration is depending of how serious the matter of harrassment is

*Do not stimulate selfharm in any way this will only lead to a ban of wich the duration is depending of how serious the matter.

*No drama or personal vendetta's keep these of our chat and also do not take arguments from other sites to our chat after 3 warnings this will lead to a mute after 3 mutes leads from being kicked from the room.

*No advertisment or/of recruiting for other (chat)websites in mainchat.
You will be banned if found doing so.
Spamming: 5 lines of same context or link isnt allowed and will be punished with a mute.
Flooding: In certain amounts allowed based how busy chat is. However if staff finds it enough at certain point they can ask you stop at all time and if not followed up after 3 warnings a mute will follow.
If continued after mute a ban will follow.

Do not post pictures/videos of/or links to gore/pedo/kids/beastialty related websites in mainchat or anywhere on this site.
This will only lead to a ban who's duration is depending on how serious the matter is.
Posting links to sites wich as said subjects are not allowed in any room in mainchat and cam and you will be banned when caught.

*No dicussing of hacking/crashing websites/chat in mainchat.If continued it will lead to a mute after 3 warnings if continued leads to a kick.
No illegal activies will find place on cam in mainchat if so when caught you wil get kicked out of the room without notice.

Hatespeech and dergatory of race/ religions is not allowed in any way.
Also flaming a user or users for their sexual preferences will not be tolerated.
However slight sexist/racist jokes are oke aslong they dont turn into hatespeech!
This will only lead to being kicked from the room.

*Playing music is allowed but since our mics play in the room currently in the class-one lobby only please audiowarn in the room if you do.
Also mic stepping isnt allowed and you will be muted if you do.

Trolling is allowed in certain matters and will be acted to on the spot when to excessive.
If any of above rules is broken in a PM please screenshot this and send to one of our staffmembers so we act upon the rule who have been broken.

Rules are can be changed without notice by anytime.

Have fun and enjoy your stay at ClassOne!

The ClassOne Crew.
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