Our mission is to provide our members with a Social Networking platform unlike any other on the internet. Where most websites give you rules and limitations, we at
Class-One want to provide an open platform. A place where users can speak freely, and create ideas without judgement and restrictions.
And most importantly, we want to grow and evolve with the wants and needs of our users. All while providing them a relaxed, and safe environment where they can
have confidence knowing that they can be simply who they are.
We cannot do this alone however.. as seen throughout history, we have the knowledge and skills, but are unfortunately constricted with resources.
And that's where you can help us grow!

We at Class-One are accepting donations in order to expand to new horizons, and provide the best quality Social Network we can.

All donations will be used solely for the devellopment of this site.

It will be used for extra perks such as Custom Emoji's, Media uploading and hosting, better platforms for forums and groups. As well
as much needed technical aspects like improving server speeds and space, better integrations for messaging and profiles, and improving our chat-rooms.
It doesn't stop there.

While we can offer the growth and nuture of a better Social Platform, we'll also offer exclusive perks such as:

*Room on our chat with the name you prefer and modship in this room no matter what the amount you donate is.
*A honourable mention on our donators wall if you like with name or anonymous with the amount you donated.

-------------------------------------COMING SOON----------------------------------------------------------
*Gift out our webshop of your choice (amount of articles have to be set yet) -Under Construction
And more hopefully to come!

Our PayPal is : donate.classone@gmail.com
If you donate to us please use the name ClassOne donation.





Name Date Amount Incoming Outgoing Registrer
Anonymous 06.02.2017 +20$ 20$ 0$  
Chathosting 08.02.2017 -13 eur 0 13eur  
      Total: 20 $ Total : 13eur