---------------------OUR TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY-----------------

Terms of Service shorted also know as ToS by using our site you agree with our ToS and being over the age of 18 or older and complying to our rules of Class-One.org shorted know as C1.

*Service towards users of class-one.org
We are always trying to improve our website and what ever comes with it,
this means we try to deliver you outstanding service wich you can rely on.
So what can you expect from us?:
*Full suport and troubleshooting with issues regarding the site/chat.
*Updates about the site/chat.
*Advertisement on the mainpage under partners when requested.
*We do not ask money for our use of services in anyway! (besides our webshop)
All our services are free to use.
But if anyone tries to sell our link /site/chat to you for money do not buy into it its not real if this happens please report this to us
through the forum or e-mail or on our chatroom so we can report it to the proper authorities.
However hosting a site like ours is not free so we do accept donations to keep our site running .

We of C1 expect the following of our users:
*Do not atempt to hack or discuss hacking sites anywhere on our site
*Do not share any illegal content anywhere on our site.
*You have to be over 18 and older to use our services.
*Do not try to sell our link/site/ or any other of our services for money to third parties this a criminal offence and when noticed
will be reported to the proper authorities.
*For our forum please create a account with your email.
Note that any violation of our ToS can result into a ban of our entire site and services.
Privacy Policy:
*Any email(emailadresses are not needed on chatprofiles) or any other personal information you have provided to us will only be
used to keep you up to date(the forum) and will never be sold to third-parties.
Neither will we spam or send annoying emails you arent waiting on.
we take the right on privacy and anonmity online very serious as this is one of our main incentives,already enough social media
out there reading your stuff we do not do that nor never will.
We can garantee you that your information is safe with us.